Participation in the events of ICTWEEK UZBEKISTAN Week as a speaker, listener, visitor is absolutely free.

In order to participate in one of the ICTWEEK UZBEKISTAN events, it is necessary to go through pre-registration. Following the results of a successful registration, you should receive QR-CODE which is a confirmation of registration and will take you to the database of the participants for the operative passage in the area of events.

Attention! QR-CODE is designed to access the events ICTWEEK UZBEKISTAN. When performing other events in the territory of NEC “Uzexpocenter” by other organizers and not related to ICTWEEK UZBEKISTAN, this QR-CODE and the received badge will not be valid. To enter the pavilions, your QR CODE will be read at the entrance. To read your QR CODE, you must present it in print or on electronic media and receive a visitor badge on the spot. In order to be able to access the forum, the identification card obtained via QR-CODE must be presented for reading.

For attending:

  1. Print out and save the received QR-CODE.
  2. An employee of the registration service at the entrance counts your QR CODE and issues a visitor badge.
  3. If you do not have QR-CODE with you, you will need to register in one of several registration zones.

QR-CODE is name registered and is not transferable to third parties.

If the QR CODE is not displayed correctly, save it as an image on your computer.. Then open the saved file and print it out or save it in JPG format. 

Attention! Visiting rules:

  • Distribution of advertising or information materials on the territory of the event without the consent of the exhibition organizers – is FORBIDDEN!
  • It is PROHIBITED to bring explosive and combustible materials into the event area!
  • Visiting the Exhibition with children of a minor age is only allowed when accompanied by an adult!
  • The organizers and representatives of the security service have the full right not to allow the following visitors to the territory- who violate the established rules of conduct, show aggression, insult employees and guards, or are alcohol intoxicated, as well as those who have not passed through Face Control.