First Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan Umarov Olimzhon spoke about additional opportunities for exhibitors in the framework of ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2017.

 1. What is the difference between ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2017 and ICT Weeks of previous periods?


As you know, the ICT Week is the most important annual event in the field of information and communication technologies in Uzbekistan and combines a number of specialized events.

The introduction of innovations in the life of society, as well as supporting processes that ensure the well-being of the population, small and medium-sized businesses is a priority for each state.

The ICT Week will be held from September 18-22, 2017 and the organizing committee ICTWEEK-2017, following certain criteria, has set itself clear tasks to change the format of the Week. The main objective of the exhibition is to attract small and medium-sized innovative business, scientific and expert community in order to introduce and commercialize new technologies and developments. For the participants of the exhibition preferences will be given on concluding contracts.

Also this year, it is planned to familiarize the country’s population with high-tech innovations not only of the domestic, but also of the global IT industry.

One of the innovations of this year is the online reservation service for the exhibition stand. In the relevant section of the site a layout of the stands is available, where you can use the interactive map to select your preferred location and book an exhibition space. The novelty of this exhibition can be considered its format – it has become more innovative. There will also be a place for cultural and entertainment events: Cyber ​​Games, Startup projects, RoboKidz, Demozone, 3D halls, interactive games, etc.

The registration system is also changed. It will become automated, the time and place can be booked online.


       2.What is the reason for changing the venue of the exhibition? What are the advantages of exhibition spaces of Uzexpocentre? 


This year all events organized within the framework of ICTWEEK Week UZBEKISTAN-2017 will be held on the same site. Thus, participants will have the opportunity not only to be aware of one session, but also to cover other activities, thereby maximizing the benefits from each session.

In addition, the choice of location was still made in favor of the fact that the areas of the Uzexpocentre are ideally suited for equipment placement, and service maintenance will allow the project to be implemented at the highest level.


     3. In the Internet, the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 466 of July 5, 2017, which provides an additional incentive for exhibitors, is being discussed. The third paragraph of the Decree states that the state and economic management bodies, executive authorities, on an exceptional basis, will have the opportunity to enter into direct contracts with domestic companies in the field of ICT. Will foreign companies also have this opportunity?


      The other day the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications was approved Regulation of the procedure for registering and maintaining the register of contracts concluded within the framework of the Week of Information and Communication Technologies “ICTWEEK UZBEKISTAN”.

According to this Regulation, this possibility will have only economic entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of information and communication technologies. Innovation is introduced to support domestic developers.

Also, it should be noted that direct contracts can be concluded only by participants of the ICTWEEK Exhibition. Participants of the Summit, the Forum or other events held within the ICT Week are not covered by this exception.


      4.Is it true that the advantage of concluding direct contracts will be available only to developers of information resources and software products? If yes, it turns out that the companies involved in the supply of equipment do not fall under preferential terms?


According to the abovementioned Regulation, the contract can be concluded for the acquisition, development and provision of services for the creation of information systems, resources, databases and other software products. The Regulations clearly outline what is meant by the acquisition, development and provision of services for the creation of information systems, resources, databases and other software products. Unfortunately, we can not conclude a contract for the supply of equipment.


        5. Direct contracts are concluded with domestic IT companies for locally produced products or for foreign products, including?


Direct contracts can be concluded both for products of local production, and for products of foreign production.


       6. Is it possible to conclude foreign exchange contracts?

      Since both sides of the contract will be economic entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, there simply will not be a need to conclude a foreign currency contract.


        7. Will there be an official document that determines the procedure for registering and maintaining the register of contracts?


      Of course, to date, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications has approved the relevant Regulations, which everyone can read on the site


        8. The Resolution states that JSC “NEC” Uzexpocentre” will provide preferential prices for exhibition space. Is this caused by price policy and can the participants of the exhibition take advantage of this privilege? 


The price policy here is completely irrelevant. Preferential conditions for exhibition space were available before. However, this resolution provides invaluable assistance to those participants who are new to the IT industry market. They, of course, are more difficult to break through to such events, and here – this document comes to their rescue. All participants of the exhibition are given preferential terms for the purchase of exhibition space.