Agenda | ICTWEEK Uzbekistan


The organizing committee of ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2018 accepts applications for participation in INNOVATION FORUM as a speaker with a report and presentation. You can send topics and abstracts for consideration at


The following topics and directions for applying:

Digitalization of state services, use of large data in e-government (improving the quality of services, open data, smart cities), IT strategy, dialogue with the public through ICT, improvement of public services (BPR, administrative procedures, development of public services institute), assessment of the quality of public services provided, inter-agency e-communication system, IT in education, IT in medicine.

Ensuring the protection of infrastructure, information systems, resources and data; promising solutions and technologies for ensuring information security, security solutions for the Internet of things, protection from DDoS attacks, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

Online banking, payment systems, payments through social networks, cloud solutions for banks, blockchain.

Investments in innovations, optimization of infrastructure, business process automation, machine to machine, cloud technologies: business, data security, cloud platforms; business analytics; service approach; DPC; development of infrastructure for broadband communication lines, wireless and mobile communications, etc.

* Applications for participation as speakers will be considered by the working group of the organizing committee on the basis of the sent abstracts. Any questions you are interested in, you can send to: