ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2017 - the main event in
sphere of ICT, bringing together the Summit, the Forum,
Exhibition and conferences, as well as many
events, awards and presentations.

About the Forum

ICTFORUM within the ICTWEEK Week of Information and Communication Technologies has been running since 2015. Previously, the ICT Week was a series of independent events, which, although they had a common denominator, were nevertheless kept in their own style. The new format of the ICT Week unites all the major events.

The ICT 2017 forum will be held in the conference hall, on the same site as ICTEXPO and ICTSUMMIT of NEC “Uzexpocenter”.

The format of ICT Week allows not only the most efficient organization and structuring of all events, but also making their visit as convenient as possible for participants and visitors.

The program committee of the Forum invited representatives of leading IT companies, industry experts and foreign speakers. If you convert ICT FORUM 2016 into figures, the event was attended by more than 800 people, more than 100 speakers spoke on eight thematic areas. Communication of Forum 2017 participants will also take place in the form of block conferences, breakout sessions, master classes and panel discussions.

A rich program of the Forum allows its participants to visit sectional meetings on various thematic areas.

The purpose of the Forum is to organize a unique expert platform for discussing current trends in the field of information technology and communications.

The Program Committee of the Forum, which invited representatives of leading IT companies and industry experts, selects only relevant and interesting reports with new cases. To participate in the work of the ICT Forum, foreign experts and professionals with extensive experience in this field were invited.

The program of the ICT Forum includes various interactive events to attract a wide range of people, both young people and people of the older generation. Interactive activities are aimed at popularization and manifestation of interest in information technologies.

Interactive events, cultural and entertainment events and actions are developed jointly with the organizers, IT companies and interested organizations.

The program of the ICT Forum is divided into the main thematic block conferences and sections:

  • eGovernment. Use of big data in e-government (improving the quality of services, open data, smart cities), dialogue with the public through ICT, improving the provision of public services (BPR, administrative procedures, development of public services), assessing the quality of public services provided, the system of interagency electronic interaction, etc.
  • Digital transformation in the financial sector. Online banking, payment systems, payments through social networks, cloud solutions for banks, blockchain, etc.
  • IT infrastructure. Cloud technologies: business, data security, cloud platforms; service approach; datacenter; development of the infrastructure of broadband communication lines, wireless and mobile communications, etc.
  • Information security. Ensuring the protection of infrastructure, information systems, resources and data; promising solutions and technologies to ensure information security, security for solutions of Internet of things, protection from DDoS attacks, etc.