The annual exposition of information and communication technologies ICTEXPO is a demonstration of achievements in the field of national information technologies and communications; the formation of a professional platform for the expert community and the development of competitive advantages of the national market entities.

As part of the ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2020 – Information and Communication Technology Week, the annual ICTEXPO Information and Communication Technology Exposition will take place in Tashkent and other cities.

The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the achievements in the field of information technologies and national communications, the formation of the professional platform of the expert community and the development of competitive advantages of national market entities. Approximately 16,000 visitors during the three days of the exhibition, more than 100 exhibiting companies, over more than 3000 m². of the involved areas covered with booths are also presented each year by domestic and foreign companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, China, India, Switzerland and others.

All modern technologies and solutions presented in the information services market will be on display at the ICTEXPO booths. National companies that specialize in the production of high-tech products in the field of information technology are actively involved in the exhibition of mobile communications companies, systems integration, software development, communication service providers and also transfer of information data, assembly of computer hardware, specialization of distributors, etc.

The ICTEXPO information technology exhibition will serve as an important contribution to cooperation, give a new impetus to the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of information technologies and the establishment of solid business contacts.

The participants of the exposition expect favorable conditions for participation in order to attract visitors to their booths for negotiations and contracts, and to make participation in the exhibition more fruitful and productive. National and foreign companies are invited to participate in the exposition.

To participate in the exposition, you must reserve a booth. For that download the Application form..

After completing the form, you must submit an application to the following contact details.