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Make an application

Application for participation in the exhibition

To participate in the exhibition it is necessary to download and fill out the Application form for participation, having previously selected the stand on the site using the online map of the exhibition pavilion.




1. Registration of participation in the exhibition

These conditions define the basic rules for the participation of legal entities in the exhibition and are an integral part of the Application.

The Exhibitor is a legal entity that issued the Application for participation in the exhibition and paid the required amount for the services ordered. The filled and signed Application is sent by the Exhibitor via fax or e-mail with the obligatory provision of the original to the Organizer. Facsimile copies of the Application are legally valid until replaced by the original.

The Parties undertake to transfer to each other the genuine copy of the Application within one (1) month prior to the Exhibition. The application shall be signed by the parties in two copies having equal legal force, one for each Party. Terms of participation in the exhibition, not regulated in the Application, are set out in the contract for participation in the exhibition, which become mandatory for the Exhibitor from the moment of signing the Application-Contract.

The Application is accepted by the Organizer not later than 1 month before the beginning of the exhibition. Applications submitted later will be considered in the presence of free exhibition area, as well as at 100% within 5 (five) banking days.


2. Cost of participation and payment procedure

The cost of participation includes the following items:

— organizational work; publication of standard information in the exhibition catalogue and 2 copies catalogue; badge of the participant (the number depends on the rented area); access to the coffee break zone (the number depends on the rented area); certificate of the participant.

—   equipped exhibition area (standard):

unequipped exhibition area, enclosing wall panels; frieze with the name of the company (no more than 20 characters in the standard font); 1 socket 220 V, 1 kW; 2 lamps; 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 wastebasket, fitted carpet. The minimum exhibition stand is 10 square meters.

— unequipped exhibition area:

In actual fact – unequipped exhibition area. The minimum exhibition stand is – 10 square meters.

For a separate charge, additional exhibition equipment and additional services are provided.
Payment for the cost of participation is made by the Exhibitor through non-cash settlements on the basis of the Agreement signed for the participation in the exhibition.  The Organizer has the right not to start rendering services to the Exhibitor upon the Application until the moment of payment in full.


3. Installation and construction of the stand

All installation works begin one day before the exhibition starts at 9:00 and ends at 18:00.

The rental of the exhibition hall after 18:00 on the days of installation/dismantling and after 19:00 on the day of arrival, is charged additionally. Request rental conditions in the technical department of the exhibition.
It is necessary to indicate in the application what type of area and additional equipment is being ordered. The area ordered by the Exhibitor may be equipped (a standard stand with standard equipment and a fascia panel with an inscription on the open side of the stand), or unequipped (the Exhibitor is engaged in its construction independently through an additional technical order to the Organizers, or entrusts the third party — the developer company).
In case of individual stand construction, the developer shall be accredited by the relevant services of NEC «UZEXPOCENTRE».
In the design of the exhibition and the individual stand to use elements of the standard exhibition equipment (types of “OCTANORM” and “MAXIMA”) is prohibited. In case of ordering individual stand building from third parties, or stand building on their own, it is necessary to agree on the design and parameters of the stand with the organizers.
The developer is obliged to provide full information about the stand to be built (stand plans, electric wiring plans, plans of fastenings to the farms, if any) to the responsible representatives of the NEC «UZEXPOCENTRE» and the organizers.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to the installation of stands that block the nearest stands or block the general view from the balcony (applicable for the 1st pavilion).
All technical personnel working on the territory of the exhibition complex on the days of installation and on the day of arrival must be familiarized with the «Safety requirements for developers and exhibitors».
If necessary, forklift truck, truck crane or other loading equipment for unloading and transporting the exposition to the stand in the territory of  NEC «UZEXPOCENTRE», Exhibitors need to order these services in the NEC «UZEXPOCENTRE» in advance. Otherwise, NEC «UZEXPOCENTRE» reserves the right to not allow the Exhibitor’s equipment on the territory of the exhibition complex.


4. Exhibition operation and protection mode

The arrival of participants takes place on the day of installation, one day before the opening of the exhibition. Registration of participants is open at the stand of the organizers from 10:00 to 18:00. Companies arriving on the opening day of the exhibition must notify the Organizers in advance and register before the official opening of the exhibition.
Access to the pavilions for the participants during the exhibition is open daily from 9.00 to 18.00. Admission of visitors is carried out from 9.30 to 18.00. The exhibition has a system of mandatory registration. Participants and visitors receive badges with individual barcodes and are required to present them at the entrance to the exhibition hall.
Entry of cars into the territory of the exhibition complex on the days of the exhibition is made by passes, each company receives one pass upon arrival. If you need to get additional passes, you must order from the Organizers for an additional fee.
The security of the venue on the day of check-in officially starts at 20.00. Until then, security is not responsible for the valuables left in the stands. During the days of the exhibition, security is provided at night, from 18:00 to 9:00. During working hours from 9.00 to 18.00, general policing is conducted. In the pavilion, Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings on the stands. Organizers are not responsible for any loss of valuables from 9: 00 to 18:00.


5. Refusal to participate

In case of refusal to participate in the exhibition after signing the Application, the Exhibitor agrees to notify the Organizer in written form, and the date of receipt of the notice is considered to be the date of receipt of the notice, not later than 1 (one) month prior to the exhibition.
The Exhibitor has the right to refuse to participate in the exhibition unilaterally provided that the Organizer is paid a penalty in the amount provided for in the contract for participation in the exhibition. If damage or loss of property occurs as a result of the guilty (deliberate or careless) actions of employees of the Exhibitor and/or third parties, the Exhibitor undertakes to reimburse the Organizer for the losses incurred (including repair costs or the full cost of the property).
In the event that, due to the fault of the Organizer, the services are not rendered to the Exhibitor, the Organizer undertakes to return the funds transferred by the Exhibitor.


6.The procedure for submitting information to the exhibition catalogue

Materials are provided in Uzbek, Russian and English languages in printed and electronic form not later than 1 month before the beginning of the exhibition. The information should contain the name of the organization; phones (with the code of the city); Fax; e-mail; no more than 360 characters of unrestricted text, and logo (Corel or JPG). Additional information and advertising are paid separately (Advertising Department of the Organizer). To place advertising, you must provide the original layout in printed and electronic form.


7. Supplementary Conditions

The Organizer is not liable in case of changing the terms of the exhibition or its cancellation due to circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer.
In the event that the Exhibitor did not send a written claim to the Organizer on the day of the exhibition, services are deemed to be rendered by the Organizer in full compliance with the Application and the contract accepted by the Exhibitor without any observations.
Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for delay or failure to perform obligations due to force majeure circumstances that have arisen beyond the will nor desire of the Parties and which cannot be foreseen or avoided. The party, for which the circumstances of force majeure arose, is obliged to notify the other party of their occurrence no later than 15 days from the date of the said circumstances.
In case of disputes on the issues stipulated in the Application and the contract or in connection with their execution, the Parties shall take all measures to resolve them through negotiations. If it is not possible to resolve disputes through negotiations, disputes are subject to consideration in the Economic Court of Tashkent.
All annexes, supplements, and amendments to the Application and the agreement shall have legal force and shall be an integral part thereof, provided that they are in written form and signed by both Parties.


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On participation in the Regional Exhibition ICTEXPO 2018  in Jizzakh please contacting:

Association of Information Technologies Companies and Organizations of Uzbekistan

+998 93 383 99 79


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  • Bringing explosive and flammable substances to the exhibition is PROHIBITED!
  • Distribution of promotional or informational materials without the consent of the organizers of the exhibition on the territory of the exhibition is PROHIBITED!
  • Bringing explosive and flammable substances to the exhibition is PROHIBITED!
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  • The organizers of the exhibition reserve the right not to allow on the territory of the exhibition visitors who violate the established rules of conduct, show aggression, offend employees and security, while under the influence of alcohol, those, who have not passed the Face-Control.