The Information and Communication Technologies Week in Uzbekistan – ICTWEEK UZBEKISTAN – is a major and important information technology event that has been held annually in Uzbekistan since 2004. This event brings together Summit, Forum, Exhibition, press conferences, as well as many other events, awards, presentations and campaigns.

This event traditionally combines a series of specialized events in a single format.

The main mission of the ICTWEEK is to create a platform for the exchange of experience and demonstration of the achievements of modern technologies and innovations. It is also an ideal platform for demonstrating the attractiveness of Uzbekistan’s IT market to foreign investors and promoting mutual interaction between the state, companies and consumers.

The event will be held with the support of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Event initiators and organizers of ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2019 are ICTNEWS Conferences (ООО «CIBGROUP»).

The ICTWEEK opening events will be performed by:

— Press conference for media in the city of Tashkent, where journalists will be able to ask all their questions, and be informed in detail about the events of the week of information and communication technologies.

— The panel discussion forum will provide attendees with an opportunity to review the evolution of the IT sector this year, to discuss the industry’s strategic challenges and to engage in dialogue between government and investors through international IT companies and risk funds.

The participants of the Forum are the administrators of state authorities, chief executives of enterprises and organizations in the field of communications and information technology, international experts and analysts, and also representatives of international IT companies.

The panel discussion of the Forum contributes to the development of strategic decisions and programs aimed at the development of the country’s information technology industry. The Forum analyzes the contradictions, assesses the development potential and the possibilities of its implementation.

The Forum will involve government leaders, information technology and communications companies and organizations, international experts and analysts, and representatives of major domestic and foreign IT companies.

—An important place in ICTWEEK is the Information Technology Exhibition ICTEXPO, which annually increases the number of expositing (exhibiting) companies as well as the number of countries interested in the Uzbek market. Every year the exhibition is visited by over 16,000 visitors.

Also, within the framework of ICTWEEK Uzbekistan other events will be held in various areas.

Completes the Week of the Information and Communication Technologies of Uzbekistan- the Awarding and Closing Ceremony.